Friday, September 19, 2014

Running For Terry

Today, September 19, 2014, my little girl participated in her first Terry Fox Run in school. I understand it was an easy run around the backyard of the school, though I don't know how many laps they ran or how long they took out there.

Of course, always the curious one, I had to find out who Terry Fox was, what the Toonie for Terry was for, and why the annual run?

I discovered this short bio online and found it very helpful in making me understand and empathize more:

In summary, Terry was a young boy of 18 who lost his leg to cancer. He endeavored to run across Canada with an artificial leg to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. He was successful in his goal but died when his cancer returned.

Today, his legacy lives on and Terry Fox Runs are held every year in Canada and several other countries in aide of cancer research. The kids in school donated a toonie each for the Terry Fox Foundation.

The article is a better source and more touching than this hurried roundup, believe me. I strongly suggest you read it.

I wish I had read up on him sooner. Maybe then I would have not been too lazy to go back and join Kissy in their run in school earlier today. Well, I'll get my chance next year. My running shoes will be waiting.

My little girl ran for JULIA + TERRY
The Terry Fox Run Logo

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